Renee Sanders, Co-Founder INDEDU

Also known by her tribal name RedSilverFox Thunderbird, Renee received her formal education at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she received her bachelor’s degree in music education. She also received her Middle Years certification and Reading Endorsement from the Atlanta Public Schools in Atlanta, Georgia.

Educating people has been a lifetime passion of Renee, having spent over 30 years as a teacher in Philadelphia and Atlanta where she has taught general music and band classes, instrumental music lessons, reading and health classes, and language arts tutoring classes. She has also worked as a long-term elementary substitute teacher and was also the principal of a private day school. Prior to starting her teaching career, Renee spent several years working with children as a music coach and as a summer camp counselor.

Drawing on decades of her music teaching experience where she focused on exposing her students to the evolution of music in America, Renee now focuses on educating people of the under exposed history of people of color in the United States before and after the arrival of the Europeans. She, along with her son and co-founder of INDEDU Tavis Sanders, have created educational videos that air in Philadelphia and New York City on cable television. In addition, their YouTube channel An American Deception has been viewed in over 195 countries over 500,000 times, with over 2,000,000,000 minutes watched and 11,000 subscribers.

Renee is very optimistic that by bringing to light this previously neglected and overlooked information people will have a better picture of the past to use to make sense of the present, empowering them with the ability to create a better future for all.

Tavis Sanders, Co-Founder INDEDU

Tavis Sanders, also known by his tribal name RedTail Hawk Thunderbird, is the co-founder of INDEDU. Through his many years of learning, Tavis has earned two master’s degrees: one in Indigenous Studies and the other in International Relations. He has also added to his accomplishment’s certificates from the Universiteit Leiden in International Law in Action: A Guide to the International Courts and Tribunals in The Hague, and from the Universiteit Leiden & University of Geneva: The Changing Global Order.

As a young adult, Tavis concentrated his efforts in supporting his indigenous clan through education and law. This decision led to many accomplishments in the field of law and he now holds the honor of being the lead legal representative of many indigenous clans and tribes. Having taken a key part in many meetings and contracts with foreign entities, Tavis also regularly represents his Clan at various forums and meetings locally, nationally, and internationally.

Working with his mother Renee on educational videos, Tavis feels he brings a world perspective to INDEDU and he hopes his work ethic and genuine concern for humanity will continue to enlighten people and produce quality content for the world community.

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