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Until now, history has been written by colonizers whose objective was to establish and institute white dominance and supremacy over all the inhabitants of these lands. This has led to a loss of factual relevance in our educational systems which emphasizes colonial propaganda over factual historical data. Indigenous Education was established to address this and to offer a fact-based alternative perspective of the history of the brown and dark-skinned indigenous population of the United States that many history books omitted. This course presents the following topics:

  • Introduction to Indigenous Americans of the Southeast United States
  • The First Americans: Who were the Mound Builders?
  • Intro to Indigenous Terms of Identity
  • Intro to Indigenous Law
  • Next Steps

Upon completion of these courses, students will begin to:

Gain a comprehension of the human existence on the continent of North America and some of the contributions those populations attained before the arrival of the Europeans.

Develop a better understanding of slavery during colonial times.

Develop skills to recognize propaganda in historical writings.

Examine the laws and policies which changed the identity of the indigenous population, particularly of the Southeast.

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