Revealing America's Dark Skinned Past Vol 1


An American Deception’s Revealing America’s Dark Skinned Past; Vol. 1 is a trailblazing depiction of the lesser known history of America’s dark-skinned indigenous peoples– now referred to as “African-Americans” and “Afro-Latinos”. Red SilverFox Thunderbird mends together indigenous oral history, primary sources, archaeology, and extensive research to paint a vivid picture of the original groups that resided in the Americas in the shadows of the continents’ past—which include both mongoloid and negroid groups. Revealing America’s Dark Skinned Past exposes the true history of Indigenous Americans in contrast to what we have been told in school and what has been presented in entertainment. This miseducation and reclassification of the original peoples span over hundreds of years, but Thunderbird lays out impressively how this identity transformation occurred. This book reveals hidden knowledge that shatters the accepted concept of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and makes one question the African identity given to Black Americans and Afro-Latinos. Revealing America’s Dark Skinned Past; Vol. 1 is a noteworthy book that confronts an element of American Indian and Black history that many have not grasped.



Revealing America's Dark Skinned Past Vol 2

One of the most prevalent fallacies in North American history is the story surrounding Christopher Columbus and the people he encountered. It is interesting to note that early twentieth century histories were stating that Christopher Columbus was trying to prove that the world was round. However, late 19th century historical writings on Columbus (not school text books) make no mention of this revelation. They do however tell in great detail of the carnage that took place on the islands during Columbus? reign. They also describe in detail of the hospitableness of the indigenous people, the gentle nature of the indigenous people (until they had to defend themselves), and that the indigenous people were considered Negroes.




Many indigenous peoples today are attempting to communicate their presence to the independent governments that control their ancestral lands, or lands that they legally occupy; and to other governments around the world. These international type communications can reach legal standing if you have legal standing by and from an “Acknowledged” and or “Recognized” agency with standing and then only if one knows how to use them.



ON MARCH 13th, 2003, HOUSE THUNDERBIRD, ESTABLISHED THE ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION for MUBD BAREEAN CLAN/INDIGENOUS NATIVE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF NATIONS USING “MT. ‘ARAFAT EMBASSY CLAN”, THE ENGLISH EQUIVLEENT OF OUR NAME; amended by MBC/INAAN, on 9-11-08-2008, on behalf of the Association. On January 1st , 2019 MBC/INAAN Re-Establish this Constitution for the Mund Bareefan Clan-Indigenous Native American Association.Promulgated



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