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Indigenous Education (INDEDU) is a non-profit organization established in 2010 to provide an alternative scholarly perspective on the history of the indigenous people of North America, particularly those from the southeastern part of the United States. One of the ways we accomplish this undertaking is by producing educational presentations and videos entitled An American Deception, which is designed to address many of the omitted facts of the original light-skinned to dark-skinned inhabitants of the Americas.


It has been known that this population in the United States, previously classified Negro, now referred to as the African American population, has a “considerable proportion” of Indian blood. An attestation of this fact is in the 19th Annual Report of American Ethnology 1897-98 – a publication of the Smithsonian Institute which states, “…a considerable proportion of the blood of the southern Negro is unquestionably Indian…”.


INDEDU believes that by providing this information, many people of color in the United States will have the opportunity to reconnect with a history that pre-dates the Columbian era; a history that up until now, they have been excluded from. We also believe that by cultivating this renewed awareness of the history and the lost cultural identity of thousands upon thousands of people of color, many people can begin to heal from the historical trauma that has caused the psychological and physiological problems that permeate this indigenous population. Lastly, we believe that when society, in general, can envision people of color from this new more accurate perspective, that this nation can begin to heal itself from the effects of racism that is still very evident in our everyday lives.

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